Sauna: steam therapy

THERAPY vapor (steam therapy) has long been known in traditional medicine systems to improve and maintain health as well as cosmetic. Steam therapy can be done at home or even in the clinic doctors to beauty salon and declared effective to cope with various conditions including mild depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, nicotine addiction, hypertension, chronic pain, respiratory, and cardiovascular disease. Not only based on testimony alone, steam therapy is also effective based on scientific studies. Here are some other benefits you can get by making steam therapy.

1. Sinusitis
A recent study from Southampton University have found, a towel and a bowl of steaming hot water more effectively cope with sinusitis than the drugs. In this study, 300 patients who usually use antibiotics to overcome the symptoms asked to inhale the steam. The study found, effectively loosening the hot steam so as to improve the respiratory tract and mucus flow.

Previously, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology has recommended a steam bath for patients with sinusitis. Declared effective steam bath makes the patient feel much more comfortable sinusitis.

2. Sleep soundly
Steam therapy proven effective to make people sleep more easily and increase the duration of REM cycles (sleep stage where most dreams occur can remember). Doctors generally recommend using sleeping pills in lieu of steam.

3. Relaxation
The steam was declared effective therapies relieve anxiety. With the ease anxiety, and all related disorders such as stress will also decrease. The steam will make you relax. The study shows, those who enjoy the therapeutic steam for 10-15 minutes to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

4. Common cold
A study published in the Journal of Otolaryngology found that inhaling steam effectively relieve the symptoms of flu and respiratory smooth. Even before the case was made, steam therapy has long been used to relieve the symptoms of flu. Vapor therapy for colds is also known as physiotherapy nebulizer and very fitting if it is done for people with asthma.

5. Detoxification
Heat will accelerate the chemical processes in the body. And steam therapy is one choice of the most easy and simple to remove toxins that accumulate in the body. When the pores open and millions of sweat glands start sweating, the body will also issue garbage metabolism.

6. Streamlining the flow of blood
Steam Therapy smooth functioning of blood flow. This also will memperlanncar supply nutrients to the body. During the steam bath, the blood flow to the skin increases from 50-10% to 50-70%. This increased blood flow as well as bringing essential nutrients into the skin and tissue, stimulates cellular activity and growth of cells.

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